Qingming Festival,

Apr 07, 2024

 also known as "Tomb Sweeping Day", is one of the important traditional festivals in China. Every April 5 to 7 is a time for people to pay respects to their ancestors and remember their deceased relatives.


On Tomb-sweeping Day, people visit cemeteries to pay respects to their loved ones and clean up the graves, which is considered an important way to show respect and remembrance for deceased loved ones. People will sweep tombs, burn paper money, worship ancestors, bring flowers, food and drink offerings, and leave a period of time to "get together" with the deceased.


In addition to sacrificial activities, Qingming Festival has other customs. People will go on excursions to enjoy the beauty of spring and feel the magnificence of nature. There is also an old game called Tramp horse racing, in which people ride horses to compete.


At the same time, Qingming Festival is also a period of rich cultural activities. People will hang kites, enjoy flowers, write poems, paint, and drink tea to show their talents and tastes.


For SSS Hardware International Trading Co., Ltd, Qingming Festival is a special time, we are committed to inherit and promote the traditional Chinese culture. By participating in Qingming Festival activities, we hope to deepen our understanding of Chinese culture and enhance communication and cooperation with customers and partners.


As the Qingming Festival in 2024 approaches, we sincerely wish you a peaceful, respectful and memorable holiday.

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